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Our mission is to lessen veteran and service member financial hardships hardship, through our two-sided social and job networking platform, Troop Link. Through the platform, Troop Link provides military members of all statuses the ability to search for local, 1-day job opportunities in their community. In return, the job creator receives help with the task at hand from a hard working and dedicated military member and is able to contribute to a great cause.

How We Got Started

Our story begins after my husband and I got out of the Marine Corps in 2018. Like many, the thought of “what’s next” was a constant concern. What we had planned to do, didn’t work out as expected and financial hardships set in for us, and many of our friends who were in similar situations.

We began to look for work in our area, but even with a large amount of military experience, we struggled to find work that didn’t require advanced degree’s and specific experience. While actively submitting job applications and interviewing, we started to work smaller jobs with the capabilities we had to make ends.

We soon realized that our friends we served with benefit from the 1-day jobs as well. That’s when we turned to create Troop Link LLC.

Our Promise

Troop Link LLC values our customer’s experience on both sides of the platform and strive to continue to innovate and provide beneficial resources to each member. We operate on the pillars of respect, integrity, and ownership to drive our business forward.

We appreciate the support and the community we have built through Troop Link, and as a Veteran owned business, we are proud to be supporting our fellow military members and families a crossed the community.

Thank you,

Founder & CEO

Cami Snider

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