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We Connect Service Members with Job Creators

Our objective is to lessen the rate of veteran unemployment and homelessness through a 2-sided social network for 1-day jobs.

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We Get Your Job Postings Out to the World

Build reputation and connect to community events by creating a profile and listing and applying for job postings.

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Guaranteed to provide valuable services and access to additional resources through education, job affiliate programs, and blog postings.

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Empowering Veterans and Service Members

A dynamic platform that fosters connections, facilitates messaging and enables profile creation, job posting, and application.

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Providing Opportunities for Veterans

Troop Link is a networking platform connecting service members to 1-day jobs in their community. This is a great opportunity for veterans to showcase the technical skills acquired through professional military training that can be applied to jobs, helping create an additional source of income.

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“Posted a job to get help with my lawn, and met a nice Army veteran who was able to help me. He did a great job!”

“Love the platform! Easy to use, connect, and network.”

“Hired a veteran with a welding background who was able to help me fix the underside of my boat with the equipment he had. Did a great job and I would hire him again.”

“Needing help moving and reached out to a veteran who responded to my job post. He brought his truck over and was able to help me move and lift the heavy boxes and furniture quickly. He was very friendly and providing great service. Will use again!”

“Great service! Easy to connect with job posters.”


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